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As mentioned in the topic alcohol & menstruation in this forum, any matter having sharp, hot, lightness, minute etc will have property to penetrate and do the functions. This will also damages the soft / delicate or sensitive parts of the body like nervous system. Hence, anything similar in property & unwanted vaccinations can also cause such problems.

These complications can be corrected or managed to a certain extend depending upon the following facts -

01. Age - younger one's are better as it may not be deep rooted, but administration of medicines is hard!

02. History - earlier possible is better

03. Severity of damage - more damage
Or chronic is hard.

04. Physical & mental health

05. Capability to undergo treatment

The treatment takes more time as the regeneration takes more time. Proper cleansing & sneha pana mild or moderate according age, health etc can expect relief. Brimhana & Rasayana are the line fo treatment.
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